How and why branding can enhance productivity without being gimmicky.


Branding is not just logos strategically placed, several products on display or advertisement hung on the wall. Branding is when offices are designed in line with the brand organically , therefore, the office is a reflection of the brand itself. Most importantly the office is designed to encourage the worker to act like the brand.

One of the offices that are most renown for having a stellar application of branding is – Vodaphone – Netherlands. This is because they opted to promote mobile working by applying a simplistic but efficient work environment. They also introduced informal meeting room on each floor to enhance communication and no fixed workstations so the workers  communication is automatically heightened.


How the employees are affected when branding is implemented appropriately.


When the layout is adjusted per company’s need branding should also be thought out. Since the employee spends more time working at the office than at home on a daily basis one should adjust to their needs and also strive to make sure that they are living and breathing the brand’s mission and core values. Applying branding that inspires and motivates the employee makes one feel a sense of belongingness and also stability, which leads to a higher productive workforce. Workers who work in offices that are designed appropriately will automatically have an attachment to the structure and also the belief system of the company thus, fewer people will be quitting their jobs and moving elsewhere.



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