In “The 21st century” by Myers and Ross (2007) they state that lighting is one of the most difficult tasks of a designer when designing an office.

This is mostly due to companies do not want to pay for the adjustable lighting but would rather go for the motto “The Brighter the better” . They state that lighting effects workers differently which I agree with . Age plays a big role in the amount of illumination. My personal experience working in an office for over 4 years I seem to agree with Myers and Ross and this is clearly visible.


Sundstorm and Myers and Ross  both agree that lighting plays a big role when it comes to the overall wellbeing of the office worker. Wrong lighting can lead to workers having constant headaches , ill lighting may also lead an office worker be less productive.


The Drawbacks of Artificial Lighting

As much as artificial lighting can help it can also be damaging. Dim lighting can cause eye strains and also headaches because it makes the eyes work even harder to get a clearer vision. This will also lead to having lack of focus which makes one even less motivated. Harsh lighting can cause as much damage, especially florescent lighting because it has a tendency to cause eye strain and also triggers migrant headaches.

Natural Lighting as a Superior Alternative

Natural lighting enhances productivity due to multiple reasons. In a study conducted in Britain and published in “The Responsible Workplace,” it was stated that the more windows and access to natural light the happier the workers are, less absenteeism and even less illnesses. This effective alternative effects also ones mood hormonal balance and also behaviour hence, the workers are calmer and more productive.





Sunstrom, f, 1986. Work Places. 1st ed. New York : Cambridge University Press.

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