Claydon Heele Jones Mason office space in New York




uf31The Surrealistic interior designer Ushida Findlay took this ordinary office space and transformed it into an a pop-art painting. The design is made up from multiple floor layout which led and complement each other. The designer made use of different materials for this advertising agency some of which are rubber, steel and wood. The chosen materials and colour palette were chosen to leave an impression on their clients and also the user. Due to the use of multiple materials, the colour scheme was kept  minimalistic with only some touches of colour. The main surroundings are painted in a light grey hue which gives a calming effect to the user and is not heavy on the eye even if someone works there for a long period of time, whilst using colours such as orange of blue to give that pop feel which the company wanted. The orange makes the overall environment feel modern and cheerful.


In the 21st century office Myers and Ross make a big deal about the interior of this office. As much as I can see what they are talking about , the continuity and flow, I still find it distracting personally.



Urbanplanet info. 2016. Office space in New York and London – USA/GB – Urbanplanet info. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 21 May 2016].



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